Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Spain Your Life!

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Wednesday, November 30th 2016 [ME NewsWire]

A Little piece of Spain is a dream that Simona Bravo had, to place parts of an amazing country full of treasures, Spain, closer to the Middle East.

The brand has a passion for quality, uniqueness, style and work well done. They strive for the love of Spain with its heritage, its people, its culture, its art, and most of all its zest for life.

Spain is the land of great artists and outstanding brands such as Cervantes, Picasso, Balenciaga, La Macarena as well as stunning sandy beaches, sun and endless fiestas and siestas! Through this exciting new website, Simona Bravo has found a way to share a little piece of it, just clicks away.

Showcasing a little piece of the hardworking craftsmen, artists and entrepreneurs that year by year continue to create in Spain, the brand brings to the UAE the best quality materials and products crafted with the most outstanding techniques that stay true to the heritage they carry.

At A Little Piece of Spain, products are chosen carefully to suit any occasion, and personalization of items is one of the brand’s key attributes.

A little Piece of Spain also believe, support and bet on an increasing number of new and extremely talented Spanish designers by bringing their dreams to life and expanding their outreach to the UAE.


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