Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Kerui Membrane Nitrogen Demonstrates Stimulation Strength in Kuwait

Kerui Petroleum's membrane nitrogen stimulation technology succeeds in Kuwait (Photo: Business Wire)DONGYING, China - Wednesday, November 23rd 2016 [ME NewsWire]

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- In October 2016, Kerui Petroleum obtained a membrane nitrogen stimulation contract in Kuwait, which breaks the domination of liquid nitrogen in Kuwait market, and brings the new stimulation product and method into Kuwait.

The stimulation effect of liquid nitrogen is unsatisfactory in many oil wells due to its low continuity and transportation issue which increase cost. Whereas, Kerui membrane separation technology is able to generate nitrogen in well sites continuously and to pump gas nitrogen into well directly without transportation, cutting 20% in cost.

Kerui owns very mature membrane nitrogen application after many years of technical upgrading. Hailong Wang, the project director of Kerui Petroleum, said, “Kerui nitrogen stimulation technology took up more than 70% market share in China and widely applied in Central Asian and South America. The nitrogen unit was applied to three pilot wells when Kerui entered Kuwait market. Previously, two world class service giants operated liquid nitrogen stimulation on the second well, but both failed to make well recovery production. Combined with coiled tubing unit, Kerui saved this well successfully and exceeded stimulation expectations after 60 hours continuous nitrogen injection with membrane nitrogen generator and booster.”

This project marked Kerui’s breakthrough in Kuwait. Wang said, “As the first membrane nitrogen generation services provider in Kuwait, Kerui Petroleum has gained the trust of both oil company and oilfield services companies with its advanced nitrogen generation equipment, technology and services. Hereafter, Kerui will promote this technology and strength the advantages in Kuwait’s nitrogen stimulation market thus helping Kuwait achieve its goal of production 3.65 M barrels per day by 2020. Meanwhile, Kerui will extend cooperation with other oil companies or oilfield service companies in Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE and other members of the Gulf Cooperation Council and build a sound oilfield services system in Middle East. ‘Intelligent manufacturing of China’ will spread the whole world and make oil and gas extraction more efficient.”

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