Saturday, April 29, 2023

EXEED Breaks Boundaries with 'Smart-Aesthetics 2.0' Design Concept

 Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Friday, 28. April 2023

The innovative design concept brings powerful forces beyond the brand’s perception. Led by an international top automotive designer, EXEED is a luxury automobile brand that integrates unlimited technology into aesthetics. It breaks the design boundaries of traditional automobile designs and achieves the most effective combination of intelligent technology and artistic designs. This is a true reflection of modern beauty and the rich imagination space of today, resulting in "Smart-Aesthetics 2.0.".

Each model of the EXEED family incorporates the "Smart-Aesthetics 2.0" design concept, giving it a bold feel and modern beauty. Among the models, LX and TXL fully represent the design concept implementation.

With horizontal lines on the front grille, EXEED LX has a strong visual impact and imposing appearance, while the "star matrix" LED headlamp and the "star track" LED lamp strip complement each other, giving the vehicle a sharp and shiny appearance and providing a bright light when the lamp strip is on. In addition, the waistline consists of simple, smooth, and impactful fastback lines, symbolizing a stable posture and a long visual impression.

The concept of "Smart Aesthetics" is further emphasized in EXEED TXL by its transverse borderless front grille that extends horizontally and infinitely to broaden the view, thus providing a stronger visual impact. Aside from that, equipped with the upmarket "Starry Tales Logo Breathing Light", it can be switched on at night, which emphasizes the high-end appearance of the vehicle.

With regard to the tail design, both LX and TXL convey the beauty of geometric lines with coherence, not only of distinct structure and high textural quality but also provides high recognition of the whole EXEED family style thanks to its skillful integration of the LED taillight with the elegant turn lights.

When it comes to interior trim, "Smart-Aesthetics 2.0" brings together forward-looking technology, high-end materials, and exquisite workmanship. Implementing the "less is more" philosophy, its interior trim provides consumers with an extremely privileged riding experience. Hence, both the LX and TXL adopt a smart digital cabin design, providing elegance and comprehensive functionality.

To meet the user's demand for intelligent travel, the 12.3-inch double-suspended LCD screen of the LX is designed to match the touch LCD air conditioning control panel. With elegant lines, delicately curved surfaces, and touch-screen door handles, LX also breaks through tradition. Furthermore, the through-type air outlet design demonstrates the designer's aesthetic perception of advancing with the times, as well as its clear and smooth lines with a modern feel, creating a scattered and coherent surface style that reflects the designer's aesthetic perception of staying current.

The TXL features high-quality wood trim strips, a leather finish, high-end stitching, and seaming processes, giving it a luxury feel. Notably, TXL provides NAPPA leather seats usually used in luxury cars. The leather used passed through multiple processes to meet the user's luxury preferences and reflects the essence of the "Smart-Aesthetics 2.0" design concept.

Young consumers' design preferences are changing gradually, according to Kevin Rice, the world's top automotive designer. Simple and fashionable designs with intelligent social functions are preferred by them to truly integrate their vehicles into their daily lives. As part of the "Smart-Aesthetics 2.0" concept, EXEED is creating more than a high-end car, but a personalized mobile space that reflects young consumers' aesthetic ideas and travel expectations.



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