Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Award-Winning Startappz Launches ‘The Bank’ Case Study



Startappz recently published its ground-breaking ‘The Bank’ case study detailing how smartphone applications can produce successful experiences by focusing on simulating user behavior that results in easy-to-consume outcomes.

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Startappz, the award-winning company, is a digital experience provider that partners with leading telecom operators, governments, banks, airlines, and other key players in fast-growing industries. Startappz has considerable expertise in successfully managing and transforming highly-complex businesses by improving their performance and reshaping their industry.

Nearly 90% of online shoppers have expressed their unwillingness to reuse websites that provide a poor experience, and 70% of e-commerce sites fail due to an unsatisfactory customer experience. FostersMarket Research estimates that the ROI of a purpose-designed and good user experience enhances the conversion rate by up to 400%.

Startappz Founder and Executive Director Mohammad Khawaja commented, “Investing in user experience is an absolute must for tech companies in an increasingly competitive landscape where the user is always on the lookout for the easiest application. What makes Startappz a leader in its field, because we increase the application’s impact by drilling into what the user needs and wants by designing from the user’s point-of-view.”

The Bank is a digital lifestyle app that illustrates Startappz’s approach to incorporating the opinions and experiences of the users. Designing a self-care solution that is also a one-stop-shop, the study focuses on forty users to identify, benchmark, and test their experiences. This proprietary methodology is not just only for financial services; it is a general methodology that can be applied on designing any digital services.

Khawaja defines user experience as “a process where the user interacts with digital service or application and their reactions that depend on the ease-of-use, complexity, and simplicity of the service, benefits that it provides, timesaving, privacy, and security. Companies specializing in digital transformation need an in-depth understanding of the users, what they need, what they like, their abilities, and limitations to improve the quality of user interaction and their perception of the product or any relevant services.”

Startappz serves this need by diving deep into each user’s experience through rigorous research, interface architecture, and functional design that centers on the best possible interaction between users and products.

Startappz currently provides application services and digital tools to companies based in Jordan, Europe, and the Gulf Cooperation Council.

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