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Improve Home Air Quality and Create the Perfect Environment for Watching Football

With the globally awaited sporting event kicking off, fans have begun preparations to turn their home into the perfect place for watching football. Whether you are looking to enjoy the game on your own, invite a few friends or everyone you know, ensuring clean, healthy air in every corner of your house is a factor in creating the perfect environment for watching your favourite football teams. Striving to improve the home’s air quality and keep it completely dust-free, LG Electronics (LG) offers LG PuriCare air purifier, which delivers pure, healthy air to every part of the home, capturing harmful particles and gases.

Healthy Air in Every Corner

Designed to improve air quality everywhere in the house, LG PuriCare 360° air purifier refreshes and revitalized air across large areas, pushing filtered airflow to 7.5 meters and rotating to distribute it throughout the entire room. This allows the purifier to be 74% faster in dust removal. Additionally, the LG PuriCare is equipped with Smart Sensor that detects 6 different types of particles including the peskiest indoor allergens. It’s 360° filtration system traps 99.97% of ultra-fine particulates, while deodorization filter removes smog, airborne chemicals, and unpleasant smells such as food and smoke, ensuring the perfect indoor environment.

Smart Control

LG PuriCare’s smart PM1.0 and Gas Sensors accurately indicate air quality, providing a real-time reading of indoor odor and particulate levels and automatically setting the airflow and operation mode according to pollution levels. Additionally, the air purifier is equipped with AI-enabled ThinQ app that allows you to control the device from anywhere, ensuring that you can enjoy the best air quality in your home without distracting from watching the game.  

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